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Ah, Antoine. How we love you.

Now, according to Alex, I am supposed to be Co-Mod of this community. Parce que I have l337 5|K1|_|_ and will make a spiffy background. Actually, it's pretty much done -- I just need to get it and modify everything.

Also, here are t3h ph0t0z. I am being mean and not resizing them. Hah. Some of them have captions embedded. It's up to you to find which ones.

Parce que we all love him.

No, this picture is not slashy at all.

Il n'y a pas des mots.
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I'm an idiot and didn't add you as a mod before I left to go out with Tony (and Kelly, I wasn't lying) so I'll do that now.

And as I type this all I can see are my boobs and your preach Christ sweatshirt, LOL.

I shall now go look at your pictures, which will eventually be updated into the gallery of hotness.
Yay for frightening pictures. "every face is my stupid face" <-- XD

What was the weird quote on that sweatshirt? "Preach christ, use words if you must" or something...?
"Preach Christ always, use words if you must"

Heh. My stupid face is hot.
in the words of malaika, it's super-mega-iper-uber-hot!

"now, i don't usually judge based on appearance, but when your face looks like a SQUASHED CANTELOPE...."

not the same person, but equally applicable to the ole vache.

(In the american sense of the word)