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LDB05 is going to fucking ROCK.

Why? Because I say so, biotch. It's the Ciel Doctrine.

And hell, it's Lac du Bois. C'mon, people- crossdressing monos, monstres in le lac, and line-dancing to bad french pop music? Eff yes. We may not have the cool factor of Mori no Ike, but we're still pretty damn rad. (Well, in a dorky, french kind of way.) Plus, of course, hot French men with excessive facial glitter and shimmery nail polish. And we wonder why people think the French are effeminate pansies.... XD

But /sewiously/ you guys. Everyone get your apps in early! I want to see y'all there for another rollicking good time. Or else Jean-Claude will eat you. Or something. Except really all that will happen is that I will be sad. And maybe cry. But... yeah. >_>;

(What brought this on, you ask? Weeeell, I was perusing the CLV catalog and seeing how many people I recognize... and I decided next summer will be fucking ace- even if I have to /beat/ you into enjoying yourselves!)

That is all.
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