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25 Days to LDB 05!

Or 24 if you're going to the overnight, as I am. Speaking of which, who here will be doing so? (That's the thing where you fly up parentless the day before, then stay at MacAllister College overnight and get bussed to your respective language village the next day.) I already know that Callie [demon_dunce], Nello [nello_esperanta] Alex [xsuch_a_lushx] and Seph [ymerawdwr] are.

On another note, I've taken it upon myself to announce that unepetitedanse now has a sister community on Myspace. It was founded the other day by our lovely mod Alex, and given personality via my addition of a photo gallery.

So go! Join! Comment! Franglais it up!

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i started a lac du bois on myspace

look that one up...
I <3 that I always make the community or group and then make you and Caitlin actually do it.

But I still have my name on them, because I am just that awesome.
I went to LdB Bemidji the summer of '03 and now I'm getting all nostalgic but I keep ending up finding people after my time...anyone from '03 out there?

Lac, du, Bois la la la laaaaa
Lac, du, Bois la la la laaaaa
Lac, du, Bois la Lac du Boisssss
Toujours amis!
i was there during summer '03, i think. Which session?